Top Tips to Stop Lip Picking With Ease

Top Tips to Stop Lip Picking With Ease

Lip - Top Tips to Stop Lip Picking With Ease

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While practically all of us must have indulged in lip picking at some point in time or the other, it is only when it goes to the ultimate of causing injuries to oneself, that it becomes a real problem. In fact, the habit has been classified under one of the compulsive obsessive disorders. Millions of people have got this habit colse to the world. A blend of behavior therapies along with medication and lifestyle changes is the way to stop lip picking.

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While most people have the self -control to stop picking at the lips without inflicting any kind of injury, in those for whom the habit has become a disorder, the urge to pick is so great that they are even willing to go to the extent of inflicting pain on themselves. The root cause of the qoute has been attributed to anxiety and stress. Anyone who has got this disorder indulges in the habit as a direct response to stressful situations.

While medication to sacrifice levels of stress is known to be pretty effective, it needs to be combined with behavior therapy in order for the treatment to stop picking to be successful. One of the techniques used in the therapy is to make the sufferer note down the triggers that lead to the picking episodes. This way they become conscious of the situations that lead to the triggers. They are then taught coping skills in order to get rid of the habit.

Yet someone else technique that is used to stop lip picking is to teach the sufferer someone else constructive habit. They are gently taught to avoid this single habit and replace it totally with the new habit. A quarterly practice schedule is also found to be beneficial in stopping the habit. practice is known to help in reducing stress levels and therefore beneficial in the treatment of this disorder. Ultimately it is the blend of medication, behavior therapy and practice that is known to be a proven way to get rid of the disorder, once for all. 

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