Birth operate Pills Advantages And Disadvantages

Birth operate Pills Advantages And Disadvantages

Lip Injections Before After - Birth operate Pills Advantages And Disadvantages

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Oral contraceptives consist of synthetic forms of two hormones produced plainly in the body: whether progestin alone or estrogen and progestin. Estrogen and progestin regulate a woman's menstrual cycle, and the ranging levels of these hormones play an essential role in fertility.

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Lip Injections Before After

Health Benefits & Advantages

Birth operate pills provide positive condition benefits in expanding to preventing pregnancy.
Highly effective reversible contraception. Birth operate pills provide extremely trustworthy contraceptive protection, exceeding 99%. Even when imperfect use (skipping an occasional pill) is considered, the Bcps are still very effective in preventing pregnancy. Menstrual cycle regulation. Birth operate pills cause menstrual cycles to occur usually and predictably. This is especially helpful for women with periods that come too often or too infrequently. Periods also tend to be lighter and shorter. Decrease risk of iron deficiency (anemia). Birth operate pills sell out the estimate of blood flow during the period. Less blood loss is helpful in preventing anemia. Reduce the risk of ovarian cysts. The risk of developing ovarian cysts is greatly reduced for birth operate pills users because they help prevent ovulation. An ovarian cyst is a fluid - filled increase that can found in the ovary during ovulation. Protection against pelvic inflammatory disease. Birth operate pills provide some protection against pelvic inflammatory disease (Pid). Pelvic inflammatory disease is a serious bacterial infection of the fallopian tubes and uterus that can supervene in severe pain and potentially, infertility. Can heighten acne. For moderate to severe acne, which over-the-counter and prescription medications can't cure, birth operate pills may be prescribed. The hormones in the birth operate pill can help stop acne from forming. Reduce the risk of symptomatic endometriosis. Women who have endometriosis tend to have less pelvic pain and fewer other symptoms when they are on the Pill. Birth operate pills won't cure endometriosis but it may stop the disease from progressing. Birth operate pills are the first-choice treatment for controlling endometriosis increase and pain. This is because birth operate hormones are the hormone therapy that is least likely to cause bad side effects. Improve fibrocystic breasts. 70 - 90% of patients see revision in the symptoms of fibrocystic breast conditions with use of oral contraceptives. Improved excess hair (hirsutism). Women with inordinate facial or body hair may observation an revision while taking the Pill, because androgens and testosterone are suppressed by oral contraceptives. High androgen levels can cause darkening of facial and body hair, especially on the chin, chest, and abdomen. Prevent ectopic pregnancy. Because birth operate pills work primarily by suppressing ovulation, they effectively prevent ectopic fertilization as well as normal pregnancy. This makes the pills an perfect contraceptive option for women who are at singular risk for ectopic pregnancy, a potentially life-threatening condition. Help prevent osteoporosis. Studies show that by regulating hormones, the pill can help prevent osteoporosis, a gradual weakening of the bones. Do not work on future fertility. Using pills will not work on a womanТs future fertility, although it may take two to three months longer to get pregnant than if a woman did not take pills. Safe for many women. Study for over 40 years has proven long term safety.
Risks & Disadvantages

About 40% of women who take birth-control pills will have side effects of one kind or another during the first three months of use. The vast majority of women have only minor, transient side effects Some side effects are uncommon but may be dangerous.

Heart attack. The chances of birth operate pills contributing to a heart attack are small unless you smoke. Studies have shown that smoking dramatically increases the risk of heart attack in women age 35 years or older, which is why pills are commonly not prescribed to women in this age group who smoke. Blood pressure. Women taking birth operate pills usually have a small increase in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, although readings usually remain within the normal range. Migraines and stroke. Women who take oral contraceptive and have a history of migraines have an increased risk of stroke compared to nonusers with a history of migraine. Blood clots (Venous thromboembolism). Women who use birth operate pills are at a slightly increased risk of having a blood clot in the legs or lungs. Studies consistently show that the risk of venous thromboembolism (Vte) is two to six times higher in oral contraceptive users than in nonusers. The risk of blood clots is highest in women with clotting disorders or who have previously had a deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Other risk factors consist of obesity, older age, having some house members who've had blood clots before old age, air travel, and having to lie or sit for a continued period, as you might after major surgery. Headaches. Headaches may start in women who have not previously had headaches, or can get worse in those who do. Depression. Depression (sometimes severe) and other mood changes may occur. Nausea and vomiting. This side supervene usually goes away after the first few months of use or can be prevented by taking the pill with a meal. Breast tenderness. Your breasts may come to be tender or may get larger. Breast tenderness is relatively common during the first month of Bcps and uncommon thereafter. Breakthrough bleeding or spotting. Spotting or bleeding between menstrual periods is very common in the first cycle of pills or if pills are missed or taken late. Decreased enjoyment of sex. Some women experience a decreased interest in sex or a decreased quality to have orgasms. Weight gain. Some women narrative slight weight gain. Weight gain is often caused by fluid holding or estrogen-induced fat deposits in the thighs, hips, and breasts. Weight gain may also be associated to a reduction in corporal performance or increased intake of food. In some women the androgenic effects from the progestins in their Ocs can increase their appetite. Chloasma. Darkening of the skin on the upper lip, under the eyes, or on the forehead (chloasma). This may gradually fade after you stop taking the pills, but in most cases, it is permanent. Other medications. Birth operate pills may not be as effective if you are taking positive medications. Many medications, together with antibiotics, antifungals, anticonvulsants, herbal drugs like St. John's Wort, can change the estimate of the pill hormones absorbed by the stomach and the metabolism of these hormones. Not convenient for everyone. Some women should not take pills if they have exact condition conditions, together with some types of diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease. Women with risk factors for heart disease, such as those with high blood pressure or who are obese, are also at higher risk when on the Pill. Must be taken every day. You must remember to take the pills at the same time every day. Pills must be taken every day, even if a woman does not have intercourse that day. Must use a secondary form of birth operate for the preliminary seven days of use. Diarrhea or vomiting. whatever that makes the pill go through your principles too fast can make the pill not work as well because it was not absorbed or, worse, if it is lost in the vomit. Requires a prescription. Cost. The pill costs more than some other methods.

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