Lip Color turn - A Hint Of Deteriorating Health?

Lip Color turn - A Hint Of Deteriorating Health?

Lip - Lip Color turn - A Hint Of Deteriorating Health?

Hi friends. Yesterday, I learned about Lip - Lip Color turn - A Hint Of Deteriorating Health?. Which could be very helpful to me therefore you.

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Brush your teeth? Wash your face? That's normal but I wish you could break the routine at times by studying the color of your lips once you drag your body out of the bed in the morning.

What I said. It just isn't the conclusion that the actual about Lip. You look at this article for info on a person wish to know is Lip.


As stated in traditional Chinese rehabilitation (Tcm), changes in lips color or texture indicate changes of condition status. (Yes, lip observation is a way of prognosis in Tcm). Wholesome habitancy have reddish, averaged moist and shiny lips. If you're getting exhausted easily or your condition condition is flashing red light, ya... Your lips would signify you through the following color and texture changes.

Pale Lips

Commonly found among habitancy with anemia, blood loss or other diseases related with anemia and low cell count.

Pale Or Greenish Upper Lip

You might have weak intestine, diarrhea, bloatedness, stomachache, fear of cold etc.

Pale Lower Lip

An indication of weak and cold stomach, frequent vomiting and diarrhea, stomachache, stomach upset, abdominal pain and so on.

Greenish Lips

Highly indicates poor blood circulation, you are prone to acute diseases, especially coronary disorders such as coronary thrombosis, stroke or similar acute attack.

Dry Or Dark Red Upper Lips

Watch out for abdominal disorder, this symptom might come with stiff shoulder, bad breath, mouth infection, throat irritation, blocked ears or nose etc.

Pale Pink Lip

Most probably related with blood or both energy and blood deficiency. Permissible toning up of blood or both blood and energy are needed.

Extreme Dark Red Lips

This is a symptom of excess syndrome in Tcm. It normally accompanied by high fever, thirst, respiratory tract infection, abdominal plentifulness and pain that may lead to sputum and indigestion.

Black Lips

Highly suggestive of digestive system disorder, such as constipation, diarrhea, lower abdominal pain or even headache, insomnia, poor appetite and so on. Smoking and excessive caffeine intake cause lips darkening too. Anyway, some habitancy are inherited with darker lips color.

Black Spots On Lips Or Black Ring around Lips

Closely monitor the function of adrenal cortex. It might be weakening without our knowledge.

I hope you get new knowledge about Lip. Where you can put to utilization in your everyday life. And most of all, your reaction is passed about Lip. Read more.. Lip Color turn - A Hint Of Deteriorating Health?.

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