Lip and Cheek Piercings data

Lip and Cheek Piercings data

Lip - Lip and Cheek Piercings data

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Piercing has come to be part of our mainstream culture, so it is no surprise that many habitancy are considering body piercings. Facial piercings specifically lip and cheek piercings are enjoying a soaring popularity surge. There are several separate types of lip and cheek piercings, including the Medusa, the Monroe, the Lip Frenulum, Lip plate, and Labret. Before getting adorned in any of these locations though, it will behoove you to read on and learn more about the risks linked with each piercing.

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The Medusa is still a relatively uncommon piercing, but many piercing parlors have noticed that more and more habitancy are request for this piercing. Placed directly under the septum of the nose, in the center above the top tip, a Medusa piercing is eye catching indeed. Very similar to a labret piercing, the ball rests in the dip on the top lip. There will be swelling after the piercing, and for some habitancy the pain is minimal, while for others the pain is intense. There are a lot of nerve endings Placed colse to the lips, and while most skilled pro piercers will not hit a nerve, there is always that wee risk that must be determined before committing to the piercing.

The Monroe also goes by two other names: The Madonna and The Crawford. Named after the three iconic women with supreme moles near their mouth (Marilyn Monroe had a mole on the left side, Madonna has one of the right, and Cindy Crawford has a mole very close to the upper lip) the piercing location you select will decide the exact name of your piercing (left cheek = Monroe; right cheek = Madonna). These piercings heal rather quickly, but for a couple days to a week after the piercing there may be considerable swelling. After 8-12 weeks, you can replace the jewelry (which will be too big...the preliminary jewelry must adapt swelling, so as the swelling goes down, the jewelry will be too large) with something a bit more snug. This piercing is very popular, and looks very gorgeous if allowable aftercare is strictly followed.

The Lip Frenulum is other rare piercing, and not everyone has the literal, anatomy to have this course done. An upper lip frenulum piercing is often called a "smiley" because when the wearer smiles, the captive bead can be seen; a lower lip frenulum piercing is called a "frowny" for the same reason. These piercings are straightforward procedures for a pro piercer, but it is prominent to remember that teeth and gum damage can surely happen over time with these piercings.

The Lip plate is very rare in America, but common in parts of Africa and the Amazon. This look has a devoted following in many body modification circles, and the practice is actually very aged - but not for everyone. Lip plates consist of piercing the lower lip and over time stretching (properly referred to as "gauging") the hole to adapt lip plugs. Lip plugs are circular discs usually made of light wood or clay. Once you have committed to the Lip plate, your lip will be stretched to a point where only surgical operations can eliminate the gaping hole in your lip. This is not a piercing to be cavalier about - only do this if you have done all the investigate you possibly can, and are willing to stick with it for the long haul. While most piercings heal with no visible effects, this singular piercing will not. For all intents and purposes, this is a permanent piercing.

The labret is the most common sort of lip piercing. Many habitancy have multiple labret piercings! It can adapt rings or studs, and takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. Most habitancy after the allotted medical time get a extra piece of jewelry that has a labret backing, to help forestall tooth and gum aggravation. There are many types of "bites" - informal terms to quote various piercing placements (ex: Snakebites = two labret piercings on opposite sides of the lower lips); there is great potential for uniqueness and individuality. Horizontal lip piercings are extremely rare, and most piercers will not achieve this type of piercing.

As with other oral piercings, infection can happen with lip and cheek piercings. There is a lot of bacteria Placed in and colse to the mouth, so true cleaning will help forestall infection. As always, only get pierced in pro setting and with completely sterilized tools to minimize your opening of serious health consequences. Eating spicy foods, exciting alcohol, and smoking should not happen during the first 6-8 weeks of your new piercing - all of these will hinder your bodies medical efforts. Your piercer will give you a faultless rundown of what to expect during healing, how to cope with problems that may arise, and the best aftercare habits. Assuming you have a decent whole of common sense, your new lip and cheek piercing will be healed in no time!

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