7 Eating Habit Tips That Will Help You Get the Most Out of rehearsal

Before - 7 Eating Habit Tips That Will Help You Get the Most Out of rehearsal

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The stomach is one of those organs that you need to understand if you truly want a healthy lifestyle that comes from regular exercise and a sensible diet. However it's not just adequate to starve yourself by sheer will power. Learning tips that promote healthy eating habits are a key part of long term success with fitness and exercise.

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Tip # 1:Reduce the size of your plate at each meal.

Serving meals on smaller plates will help you cut the number of food you eat. Eating a volume of food larger than the volume of your fist means you are stretching the walls of the stomach. Over time, it takes a larger volume of food to feel satisfied which becomes the norm. Reducing the number of food entering the stomach on a regular, consistent basis will help cut the volume needed to feel satisfied.

While digestion does begin inside the stomach, the majority of digestion takes place in the small intestine. Think of the stomach as a holding area for food until it enters the small intestine.

Tip #2: Eat slower.

By eating slower, you give the food a occasion to enter the stomach and you will start to feel full which will end up leading you to eat less.

Tip #3: Drink very cold water before and while your meal.

By drinking a glass of water before your meal (especially before going out to eat or to an office party), you will fill up the empty space inside your stomach. Since the body cannot suck up cold water, it needs to burn fat to warm the water.

Some believe that eating less will shrink the size of the stomach. As noted above, this is not true; however, it can help to reset your feeling of 'fullness'. If you typically eat large meals, your stomach is used to being stretched to a positive point before it feels satisfied so by eating smaller meals on a regular basis you'll get used to eating less and feeling full.

Tip #4: Eat smaller meals more often.

Tip #5: Be consistent with the volume of your meals.

Eating the same size meals throughout the day is best than having smaller meals throughout the day and one large meal in the evenings. That one large meal will reset the feeling of plentifulness and will likely cause you to feel hungry after eating each of the smaller meals.

Tip #6: Eat 4-6 times per day, which should equate to about every 4 hours.

We already talked about how the stomach starts the digestion process. It does this by producing acids which start to break down the food you eat. If you eat at the same time each day, your stomach will start producing this acid in establishment for the food you are about to eat. Hunger pains and grumbling noises are your stomach's way of telling you that you are hungry but more importantly, it's telling you that it's expecting food.

Tip #7: Eat at the same time each day so your body works at its peak efficiency.

Do not wait until you are hungry to eat. Eat before you get hungry and do this on a schedule, so you'll eat less and your body will suck up the food properly.

Your metabolism is based on many factors. One of those factors is your nutrition plan. Being consistent with your nutrition by maintaining a schedule will keep your metabolism burning at a higher rate. When you have no schedule, your body cannot work efficiently and this causes the metabolism to slow down. This all starts with the stomach. Knowing how to use your stomach the right way will help you with your fitness and weight loss goals.

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